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How I organized 200.000 of my photos using Artificial Intelligence (from 20 local external HDD with images, working only on my laptop and one empty external HDD) ?

  • Search photos using Artificial Intelligence detected tags
  • Navigate through images or pages
  • Do Smart Upload (keep track of each photo id and url for future apps)
  • Share images or albums
  • Sell albums with images
  • Create movies from albums
  • Include images in mobile apps
  • Find faces
  • Detect landmarks and labels
  • Detect duplicates
  • Time travel in the same photo location

This is a product developed inside Nvidia Inception Program (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deep Learning Incubator)

Example of photos with landmarks found

See all examples in an updated document See a full set of examples on this Google Document link

You will receive a downloadable Windows installation kit for the app (For Mac si Ubuntu use this link)

Artificial Intelligence Local Images Search - Brian AI - subscr
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